Morgan (dullstar) wrote,

Body: 1. Spell your middle name backwards: hgiel

2. Story behind your first name: My parents just liked it. I was Baby Girl for a few days, then they decided on Morgan Rose, then my dad thought it sounded too much like a race horse so they changed it to Morgan Leigh.

3. When's your birthday? 1229

4. Where do you live: Santa Barbara, CA-- even though it's technically Goleta, Ima go with what the DMV thinks.

Describe Your:

5. Wallet: pink paul frank wallet with skull applique

6. Eyes: sometimes green, sometimes blue

7. Toothbrush: pink oral b

8. Jewelry Worn Daily: nothing. i am anti-accessory.

9. Cell Phone: cheap-o sony ericcson.

10. Pillow Cover Right Now: leopard print.

11. Car: corolla

12. Bedroom: messy, dark, chilly in a good way.

13. Sunglasses: cheap-o and pink.

14. Shampoo: whatever's cheapest at costco.

15. Cologne and/or Perfume: gap pink. ok, so we've established that i like pink and i'm broke.

16. CD in stereo right now: how about song on ipod: x-ray style, joe strummer and the mescaleros

17. Piercings: none that work

18. What you are wearing now? white socks, black pants, white camisole

19. Wishing: midterms were outlawed on the basis that they are discriminatory towards the apathetic

20. Wanting: pizza. mmm. goat cheese pizza.

21. What Are You Doing After This: studying for bullshit midterm tomorrow and reading the bible for my 8am section.

22. If You Could Get Away With It and Murder Anyone, Who Would It Be and Why: i don't know if i could murder anyone, but if i could wish one person had never existed...if you know me at all, you know who it is.

23. Person You Wish You Could See Right Now: esp

24. Your Favorite Movie: breakfast at tiffany's

25. Something You're Looking Forward To In the Coming Week: katie visiting!

26. Something You Just Ate: v8.

27. Something You Are Deathly Afraid of: spiders.

28. Do You Like Candles: no

29. Do You Like Incense: no

30. Do You Like the Taste of Blood: hah, no

31. Do You Believe In Love: shouldn't the question be, do i believe in life after love? come on, survey, get with it.

32. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight: no

33. Are You In Love?: yes

34. Do You Believe In Heaven?: no

35. Do You Believe In God: no

36. Do You Have a Tattoo? yes

37. If You Could Eat Something Right Now, What Would It Be? pizza.

38. Are You Addicted To Myspace: no

39. Can You Eat with Chopsticks? yes

40. What's Your Favorite Coin: wtf? the most expensive one.

41. What Are Some of Your Favorite Candies: dove chocolate. mmmm.

42. Favorite Soda: mountain dew

43. What's One Thing You Wish You Could Understand Better: religion

44. If You Could Turn Back Time, What Would You Change? i've spent a lot of money on therapy so that i never have to answer that question

45. If You Were Given a Gazillion Dollars, What's One Thing You Would Buy?: a life

46. Can You Cook?: sort of

47. Are You Shy Around Your Crush?: no

48. Favorite Flower: peach roses

49. Do You Know What It Feels Like To Be In Love: yes

50. Would You Sacrifice Your Favorite Possession For Your Best Friend: i guess so. i don't really have one, so if somebody asked me to do this, i could just be like, "here, my favorite kleenex. treat it well."
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