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This is called confessions. Repost answering guy/girl confessions. How many girl/guy myths are true bout u? U know that this made u smile! You dont gotta erase the opposties sex's answers, just fill over the answers of your sex. make sure you put your NAME.


*Girl Confessions*

Name: Morgananana

I sleep naked: Never

I wear pink: As much as possible

I've dyed my hair: True

I've danced around in my underwear: Yup

I like(d) the Spice Girls: YOU WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?

I wear makeup: yes

I've snuck out to meet boys: Once.

I keep a diary: Yup.

I love chocolate: Duh.

Chick flicks make me cry: Occasionally

I've drank because of a guy: What? What does this mean? Like, I had a drink because he wanted me to or because I wanted impress him...what?

I still need my girl time: Um, yeah

It takes me at least an hour to get ready: Nope

I still have sleep overs w/ my girls?: Nope

I love doing my hair: Nope

My boyfriend's better than yours: Well, I like mine better than yours.

I've given a guy a fake number: Of course

I've been honked at by guys going down the road: Possibly

I've been hit on in public: Yeah

I've been called a slut: As a complement

I love singing: Alone

I love dancing: Mmhmm

I kill hoes: No. Gophers? Yes.

My boobs are too big: Um, no.

My boobs are too small: No

Football players are hot: Not just because they're football players.

I have my belly button pierced: No, ew

I have my tongue pierced: I did for a week.

I have a tattoo: Yes. This is a stereotype for a girl?

I have gotten suspended: Never

I have gotten arrested: Not once

I have had one big crush: Yeah?

I have dated a guy for his car: wtf no

I hate all of my ex's: No

I have really close guy friends: Yes

I have got out of a ticket before just by batting my eyes: Sorta

I secretly jam out to Britney spears: No

I cannot have enough shoes: Yes

The whole "if a guy has big feet thing" is true: No

*Guy Confessions * [I'm going to do this for Aaron]

Name: Aaron

Ive slept naked: Yes

I play video games: Yes

I wear boxers to bed: Yes

Ive thrown rocks @ a girls window: No

Ive drank because I felt like it:, this is the corresponding question to "I've drank because of a guy"? Fucking sexist post

I still beat up my buddies: Yes

I drive a truck: No

I drive some type of car: No

I have a job: Yes

I have more than one job: No

I currently have a girlfriend: Yes

My girlfriend is better than yours: Yes

Ive forgotten to return a phone call to a girl: Yes

Not all guys are the same: Yes

Id do anything for a special girl: Obviously

Ive honked at a girl going down the road: NO NEVER

Ive hit on a girl in public: NOT ONCE

Ive asked a hot girl for her number that I just met: NO

Ive acted like a man whore: yes

Pamela Anderson is hot: No

Sports over-rule everything else: Hardly

I like rock music: Yes

I like rap music: No

I like country music: No

Ive been suspended: Yes

Ive gotten detention: Yes

The whole "if a guy has big feet thing" is true: No
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